• Camps

    Camp Beaver Creek can be described in many ways, but most often we hear it’s an empowering experience for the young people of Hunt with Heart. By the end of the weekend, six young people and their families have started to form

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  • Outdoor Experiences

    Hunt with Heart is not a one time experience. Hunt with Heart provides a unique experience for our young people with outdoor activities that keep them engaged throughout the year, creating a sense of unity and adopting the family feel.

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  • Family Assistance

    Hunt with Heart strives to empower and enhance the lives of our members, young people battling severe, life altering or life threatening illness. We provide relief through outdoor activities, mostly hunting and fishing. However

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About Hunt with Heart

Hunt with Heart, founded in 2011 by Crystal and Toby Kroeger, is a 501c (3) non-profit organization made up of dedicated volunteers, staff, and Board Members, who share the passion to change the lives of young people battling life-threatening illnesses. Hunt with Heart’s mission is to empower and enhance the lives of children with severe illnesses through unforgettable outdoor experiences. From the first hunting experience to make a little boy’s dream come true over 5 years ago, Hunt with Heart has grown into a successful and rapidly growing charity dedicated to serving over 80 young people and their families. Hunting, fishing, shooting sports, archery, and monthly outdoor activities are among the many opportunities we provide. Thanks to our current & future contributors, over 90% of all adventures are fully funded through donations!

Once our members experience a Hunt with Heart activity, they are no long just kids fighting an illness all alone, they become part of the Hunt with Heart family creating friends and family bonds for a lifetime.

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​Sporting Clays TournamentDecember 1, 2018 Westside Sporting Grounds


Registration Information​


Registration includes 100 targets, ammunition, commemorative
t-shirt, registration pack, and food & beverage.

Team Entry Fee
January 1st - August 1st $600
August 2nd - December 1st $650
(per 4-man team)
Individual Entry Fee
January 1st - August 1st $150 per person
August 2nd - December 1st $162 per person
4-Seater Golf Cart $150
Lunch Only (non-shooter): $25
Register Now

Young People Stories

Meet Kooper 16 Nov. 2018

Kooper was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in 2012 just 2 weeks after his brother, Case, was...

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Meet Raymond 16 Nov. 2018

The day Raymond was born was full of commotion, anticipation and excitement. they were late getting...

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Meet Logan 14 Feb. 2018

Logan was born January 31, 2000 and had an uneventful first year of life. It wasn’t...

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